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Sacred Temple Cat Club of New Zealand Inc
Specialising in Beautiful Birmans

Show News



2012 Supreme Awards from the Sacred Temple Show held in July. Congratulations to all the winners (cats, owners and breeders).

Supreme Entire (Joint)

GldDblGrCh Moonson Lady Sapphire

Owner: J Fletcher

Breeder: S Dennehy

Supreme Entire (Joint)

Ch Belzicatz Lady Bellamia

Owner/Breeder: D Holtom

Pepperbox photos by Ian

R/Up Entire Supreme (Joint)

GldDblGrCh Florencia La Amor Lillie

Owner/Breeder: J Fletcher

R/Up Entire Supreme (Joint)

Sceiron Raffles

Owner/Breeder: M Robinson & P Spink

Supreme Neuter/Spey

GldDblGrPr Yadillah Royal Rascal

Owner:  P Halliday & R Smith

Breeder:  P Halliday

R/Up Supreme Neuter/Spey

Moonson Paddington Bear

Owner: S & J Gill

Breeder: S Dennehy

Supreme Companion

GldDblGrPr CC Molly Too

Owner: R & M MacKenzie





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